Jun 26, 2018
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UAE में लागू नया क़ानून, ख़ुद से करे ये काम वरना DH10 देना होगा अपने जेब से, परसों से शुरू होगा ये नियम

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Seeking the help of a pump attendant to fuel cars at Adnoc gas stations in Abu Dhabi will cost you Dh10 from June 30. However, motorists are left with the option of filling petrol on their own if they wish to avoid paying the charge.

अबू धाबी में एडनोक गैस स्टेशनों पर ईंधन कारों के लिए एक पंप परिचर की मदद लेने के लिए आपको 30 जून से ढ 10 खर्च होंगे। हालांकि, अगर वे चार्ज का भुगतान करने से बचना चाहते हैं तो मोटर वाहनों को ख़ुद से पेट्रोल भरने के विकल्प के साथ छोड़ दिया जाएगा।

On Tuesday, Adnoc Distribution announced that their new ‘Flex Service’ that allows customers to choose how they refuel their cars comprises the self-service and premium options and will be operational at all Adnoc stations in Abu Dhabi.

A motorist tries the Flex service at an Adnoc station, which includes self-service and premium service, to be rolled out at all Adnoc stations in Abu Dhabi from June 30. – Photo by Ryan Lim

The premium and self-serve options will also be rolled out to other Adnoc stations across the country within a few weeks, according to the Adnoc Distribution.

A trial run to enable motorists get familiar with the new service has been going at almost all fuel stations in Abu Dhabi since the month of April. ‘Premium’ and ‘self-serve’ banners were also placed at various Adnoc stations to inform customers about the new services.

The UAE’s fuel company also announced the launch of new rewards programme for those customers that will use its premium service and this will include receiving discounts and offers at all Adnoc distribution fuel service stations across Abu Dhabi.

The premium rewards, which include coffee, snacks or a 25 per cent discount on an in station car wash, can be redeemed in Adnoc distribution stores using the Flex Premium service receipt, following fuel purchase. Rewards can be redeemed at Adnoc convenience stores within 30 days of the initial purchase.

Motorists using the premium service option will also have their car windshields cleaned by the attendants and also check their tire pressure. The elderly and people of determination will be exempted from the premium service charge.

Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, Acting CEO at Adnoc Distribution, said: “Adnoc Distribution is focused on moving our business model to a smarter, customer-centric model which offers customers choice, convenience and better quality goods and services. Customer satisfaction and safety are our priorities with technology central to the value proposition.

“Improving the customer experience through technological advancement, an upgraded retail experience supported by partnerships with international brands such as Géant, and introducing Flex are key parts of the new model.”

He added: “Through Flex, customers can now choose self-serve, at no additional cost, or opt for our premium service.”

John Carey, Deputy CEO at ADNOC Distribution, said: “We introduced the Flex service because we want to be a world-class retailer. We are keen on giving more choices to our customers and this is why we have introduced the self-service option.

“The self-service option, which is used in Europe, America and other developed countries, is aimed at making Adnoc Distribution a world-class retailer by providing full choices to our customers.”

Carey said the self-service option gives customers a choice of getting in and going out quickly. And in terms of the premium service, the objective is to increase speed and reduce on the time people spend waiting around at the filling station and improve the quality of service.

‘Smart Tag’ payment

Adnoc Distribution will be providing the ‘Smart Tag’ free of charge for the first 200,000 motorists to simplify the self-serve and premium experiences and those who come to register later will have to pay a certain fee, that is yet to be determined.

‘Smart Tag’ is a new, world class, payment option that enables customers to quickly refuel and pay without using cash or bank cards. The technology is based on a RFID tag being fixed to a vehicle to automatically trigger payment from your pre-paid Adnoc wallet, which can also be connected to other payment options including the Emirates ID card or Adnoc Plus card.

Those who are interested in becoming an Adnoc wallet customer can register online on Adnoc Distribution’s official website or at of the company’s smart service centres.

Also, motorists will have to pay Dh50 for the activation of the smart tag after registration but the cash will be transferred into their pre-paid Adnoc wallet accounts.

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